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Also known as: The Spice Isle
Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, and Advance as One People 
The most southerly of the Windward Islands, 135 km (83.8 miles) north of Trinidad and Tobago
Columbus landed on the island in 1498, but the French first settled on the island in 1650. It was alternately ruled by the French and British until 1783 when, under the Treaty of Versailles, the island was ceded to the British. It was joined to the Windward Islands in 1833, and was a part of the West Indies Federation during the period 1958-62. It gained independence on 7 February  1974. The  Maurice Bishop Government which came to power in 1979 was toppled by an internal coup in 1983, and an interim government prepared the way for the 1984 elections. 
Last elections were held in 2008.  Next elections due in 2013.
Ruling Party: 
National Democratic Congress (NDC)
Major Political Parties: 
National Democratic Congress (NDC), New National Party (NNP), Grenada United Labour Party (GULP)
Economic Summary:  As a result of the widespread destruction of various sectors of Hurricane Ivan, economic activity declined by 3.2 per cent in 2004, in contrast to the 4.7  per cent growth projected in the middle of the year.  The only sectors which demonstrated some level of buoyancy in the post-Ivan period were Construction (7.6 per cent growth); Mining and Quarrying (10.2 growth) and the Cruise tourism sub-sector which registered a whopping 54.5 per cent increase in passenger arrivals. Unemployment, which registered 13 per cent in the pre-Ivan period, increased sharply immediately after Ivan as many persons lost their jobs.  Recent efforts to rebuild homes and revitalise the agricultural sector have helped many displaced persons find employment.
Head of State:
H.E.Sir Daniel Williams, GCMG, QC, Governor General
Head of Government:
Hon. Tillman Thomas
Prime Minister

Point Salines International
Independent - 7 February 1974 
St. George's 
345 km2 (133 miles2)
104,490 (2004)
Eastern Caribbean Dollar
EC$1,180.1 Mn (2004)
GDP per capita (at Current market prices): 
EC$11,294 (2004)
Total Exports: 
EC$108.5 Mn (2003)
Total Imports:
EC$684.7 Mn (2003)
Intra-Regional Exports:
EC$28.3 Mn (2003)
Intra-Regional Imports: EC$163.3 Mn(2003)
Business Hours: General: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 hrs Monday to Thursday.   08:00-12:00. 13:00-17:00 hrs Friday.
National Holidays:

New Year's Day (01 January); Independence Day (07 February); Good Friday; Easter Monday; Labour Day (01 May); Whit Monday; Corpus Christi (as decreed); Emancipation Day (First Monday in  August); Carnival (Second Monday and Tuesday in August); Thanksgiving Day (25 October); Christmas Day (25 December); Boxing Day (26 December)

Holidays that fall on Sunday are observed on the Monday following.

Date of CARICOM Membership: 
1 May 1974 
National Anthem: Hail! Grenada land of ours
We pledge ourselves to thee
Heads, hearts and hands in unity.
To reach our destiny
Ever conscious of God,
Being proud of our heritage
May we with faith and courage
Aspire, build, advance
As one people, one family
God Bless our Nation.
Highest National Award: Grenada does not have a system of national awards.  Instead, the achievement of citizens in various areas of national development is recognised each year in a grand awards ceremony held to coincide with Independence Day.
Favourite Dish: Oil Down
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Getting There:
Served by Air Canada, Air France, Air Jamaica, American Airlines, American Eagle, BWIA, British Airways, Continental, LIAT, Lufthansa.

Entry Documents: Passport and return or ongoing ticket required for entry. Citizens of the U.S. and Canada may enter with a return ticket and one of the following: Passport or original Birth Certificate and a photo I.D. in the form of a valid driver's license.

Airport: V.C. Bird International Airport - less than 5 miles from St. John's.

Departure Tax: $20 U.S.

Driving: On the left - license required available at the airport for US$20.

Local Transportation: Taxis and rental cars should cover your transportation needs. Car rental rates average around $45 US$ per day.




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Population: 104,490

Island Size: square miles

Electric Current: 110 volt or 220 volt. Mostly 220 but a few hotels have 110. An adapter is a smart travel accessory.

Medical Emergencies: .

Current Time - 10:15 am
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours
Daylight Saving Time: No known DST-adjustments

Climate: Average yearly temperature is 81░ F. Rain is seldom but heavy at times, averaging 40 inches per year.

Official Language: English.

Currency: .

Telephone: Local area code is .